CUBOT King Kong (2018) IP68 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone Unlocked, 4400mAh Big Battery, 3G WCDMA Dual-SIM, Android 7.0, 2GB RAM+16GB,Compass+GPS, Shockproof, Dustproof

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Seems good

by John Scantling (

Seems to be a good quality phone, just recieved so it hasn’t been broken in yet. So I cant really give a full review. But what I can say is it appears to be a quality product, fair price in comparison to other rugged phones, battery life so far exceeds expectations. My only concern is the charger port cover is a rubberized seal, and I have my concerns about durability. My only complaint is the power button is easily pressed and it sticks out a little to far so it may have an on/off issue. Overall from first impression it appears to be a good buy.

high quality and great price

by Eric Y Lynn (

I recently purchased for my 12 years old daughter , she used to have iPhone , but she broke few of iPhones , she was excited when she have this phone , the body is hard plastic made except the screen , protect the phone very well without case ,plus the phone is water resistance , no need to worry phone dropped into wash basin ( I been try throw the phone into water for over 15 minutes and nothing happen to the phone ), 5 inches screen is big enough for her to watch YouTube , ins. and plays little game . Two sim card slot built in , I guess make much more convenient , but she only needs one . The battery lift is very strong , she charged the phone very two days , when she have iPhone before , needs charged every day . The only thing is the phone doesn’t support 4G LTE , only 3G , but for the price , I don’t expect too much . She love the phone , I am happy with this purchased .

Cheap only $129.99

by Ziyi yan (

I just changed the King Kong III. It is ok. I am going to let my daughter return to China for two months in the summer vacation. So I bought another King Kong. Of course, its function is not as good as that of King Kong III. It is enough for the children.

work phone

by Alex (

shipping come on time,i buy this phone for my worker use, he likes seems we do construction so easy to drop down, only thing don’t like is only 3G so is kind slow for website browser


by Wendy ren @ (

This phone is very good, the standby time is very long, it is very easy to use, suitable for the elderly,

Great smartphone

by sam (

What a surprise. When I opened the was very attractive to me in terms of design. I hold it in my hand and it is really hard and firm.Download speed is very fast,photos are clear,the voice of the phone is also very clearand so on.its price is very suitable for us the moonlight clan.One thing I still hope to have more GB to choose this smartphone.

Value for money

by annie (

Great phone. Easy setup. Equipped with 4400 mAh battery, it’s a good choice of you to have this powerful and durable outdoor phone.

I love this phone

by AC (

I love this phone! The specs are great and it is budget friendly as well. It’s perfect for what I want to do, which is nothing special.

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