BLU Tank II T193 Unlocked GSM Dual-SIM Cell Phone w/ Camera and 1900 mAh Big Battery – Unlocked Cell Phones – Retail Packaging – Black Red

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Technically the phone ‘works’, but no known compatible service provider

by M. Curving (

I checked with tech support of my current wireless provider (Net10) prior to purchasing this phone, to confirm whether or not it was compatible with their service. Unfortunately they mistakenly told me it was. So I bought it. Come to find out this phone does NOT work through their AT&T SIM/towers. They advised that it should work with T-Mobile compatible SIM/towers. So I took the phone over to MetroPCS (a T-Mobile partner), then to T-Mobile itself, and confirmed in both cases that the phone does NOT work with them either. Now I’ve spent untold hours on numerous support calls and chats, doing extensive research, visiting phone shops, and still don’t have a working phone. Not only that but I spent extra money buying a SIM adapter.

Anyone considering buying this phone ought to do extreme due diligence about ascertaining a wireless provider beforehand. I would love if someone could say here what service (as of Sep 2018) this phone actually DOES work with, in the US. I could update this review if I could actually get the product to work, but for now, to me, the phone is worthless and I’ve only wasted countless hours on it. Very unsatisfied.

The phone also does not come with any instructions, but for a 3-page foldout with a pictograph on how to insert the SIM card. Other than that one has to figure out everything about how this phone operates on one’s own. If you are not a techie or get easily frustrated with phones/technology, be warned.

Great phone for kids!

by E’s Mommy (

Bought it for my 8 year old daughter to take with her when she goes down the street to play. I use a T-Mobile Pay As You Go SIM card with it and it only costs $3 per month. Since she can’t get on the internet with it, I don’t have to worry about her being exposed to inappropriate content. It’s so inexpensive I don’t have to worry about her losing it.

Perfect for a basic phone

by Humming4Him (

My daughter broke her smart phone. So I wanted a quick and simple replacement that didn’t involve social media. (She can buy all that on her own dime.) The phone works perfect for our needs
Sound is super loud, phone has held up to some abuse, and battery is perfect. I subtracted one star for the camera feature. It exists, but the phone memory is so small it won’t even allow you to take or receive any photos. Perfect for a basic phone for young kids or untrustworthy tweens. I’d buy it again as an in between phone for my kids.

Update 7 months later

This phone is so durable. It’s been kicked, dropped, tossed. And recently withstood moisture. We powered it off for 48 hours and it loves to tell another day!! Tje sim card needs the largest adapter piece to be used. Since ours was already in a smaller status, we added the extender in. Sometimes it shitlfts and I need to readjust it to connect to my carrier. I doubt this would be the problem of the sim was still connected in the larger setting on it’s own.

Only 2G so will not work on most ATT and T Mobile networks

by Amazon Customer (

Would have been perfect if it had worked. I didn’t realize when I heard people talking about 2G going away that it had to do with ability to make and receive calls, I thought 3G referred to data. I was wrong. The SIM card from TING I used was working just fine in two other phones, but could not work in this. After much back and forth with technical support, who conferred with their parent network of T Mobile, the phone is not 3G, therefore towers that carry more than 911 connectivity are limited. Even with 4 bars, the phone could not make or receive calls. Pop SIM in another phone and it was fine. Sorry too because it was the perfect size and features for my 9 year old.

Price is Cheap but Quality is Great

by Spartan (

Switch from iPhone 6 to this Blu Tank II.
Having it for 2 months.
Love it for the call quality and battery is outstanding. I do not have to charge this phone up to 15 days.
Do not work with AT&T but work great with US Mobile. Highly recommended if you want to get out all busy social media and if you just want a phone for call and text only.

Nice cell phone for calls and sms for good price

by Max (

The cell still works in US with T-mobile (T-mobile still supports 2G). I bought it coz I travel worldwide and I have mini-sim cards (2G) from different countries. I almost didn’t use other functions such as organizer, fm radio, camera, voice and video recorder.

– only 3 languages: english, spanish, portuguese. if you get sms in any other language you will never know what is in. just square symbols ▢▢▢▢
– an echo in earpiece
– annoying when the battery is low. it starts beeping 3 days before shutdown
– no own memory. you can’t use camera or voice recorder without memory card (micro SD)
– a bunch of stupid and useless settings

– good price
– unlocked
– dual-sim (2 mini-sim card slots)
– GSM Quad-Band 850/900/1800 /1900
– longlife battery
– ringtone is loud
– microUSB slot

It’s good for emergency uses

by Kavi Morgan (

Cheap phone. It’s good for emergency uses, but I was stuck using it for a few months. The audio is ok, there is no memory, texting is awful (I used to be good at, and still am on similar styled phones, but this one just sucks).
I got a SIM adapter for mine, so I can use the smaller SIM cards just fine. Inserting the SIM is more of a problem. The instructions are useless. It took a while to figure it out. Once installed, it would only allow me to text when I used the SIM2 slot. SIM1 could not send or receive texts. I didn’t bother trying to call anyone using slot 1.
Overall, if you just need something to tide you over for a few days to a couple weeks, this is okay. It’s cheap. It works. If you need it for any longer period of time, or if you want to actually store texts, photos, etc, look elsewhere and spend a little more money.

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