Apple iPhone 6, GSM Unlocked, 16GB – Space Gray (Renewed)

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Phone constantly crashes. Battery is junk. Sold me …

by sawyer (

Phone constantly crashes. Battery is junk. Sold me a piece of junk and I want my money back. Don’t buy. Spend the extra cash and go through a decent company

One Star

by Beca Wilkerson (

I bought 2 iPhones with this seller, both have problems and I can’t return them.

Phone stopped working altogether

by Allen B. (

I bought this phone in July 2016. As of this past week, it has stopped working altogether. I contacted the seller for assistance, and because more than 90 days had past – there was nothing they could do. I tried working with Apple to troubleshoot to no avail. I’m not even able to restore the phone to factory defaults using iTunes because of the error messages. Right now, the phone won’t even turn on. At the time I purchased the phone, it was listed as a "certified refurbished" product. After paying nearly $400, I would like to think that the phone should last at least a few years. I just purchased a brand new iPhone directly from an AT&T store and hope for better luck. I will never trust "certified refurbished" again.

Bad phone never again

by Juan Pablo Achinte (

The cellphone is broken and the battery is old when the technician open it up to fix it. Super bad experience

Need a New Battery

by Mike Ortiz (

I bought the phone in December 2016 and it is now April 2017 and Apple informed me that the battery has reached the end of its life and they are charging me $80 to replace it.

Buy from Apple

by Kevin Page (

Like many have already written, you take a risk with refurbished. I’ve never had an issue before, but this is the first time an iPhone has given me issues. Right after the warranty ended, the iOS starting causing problems. The phone randomly opens apps and periodically shuts itself off.
The battery is the biggest issue. It needs to be charges 3 or 4 times a day. I literally walk around with a powerbank to keep it from dying. It will lose 50-70% of the battery within 30 minutes. It does charge quickly but it dies just as fast.

Cosmetically the phone was perfect. No dents or scratches, but the battery issue is extremely frustrating.

Absolutely horrible. Buyer beware

by April Stefanski (

Purchased phone. Took to both Apple and AT&T. Something is wrong with phone. Called twice about the issue , got voice mail each time. Hours say 10:30- 4:30 Mon-Fri. Still no response. Absolutely horrible. Buyer beware !!!

This phone is just an iPod Touch. Why did no one test this?

by TheKingCorso (

I like apple. I like text replacement and certain apps I am able to get. I DO NOT like receiving a phone I paid so much for that DOESNT EVEN WORK AS A PHONE. I didn’t order an iPod Touch. I ordered a phone. The caller cannot hear the recipient and the recipient cannot hear the caller. The touch screen is faulty where you have to keep touching to make something work. It will only stay connected to metro for a short time and so if I go anywhere other than home this little box is useless. To top it all off I work off my phone, and I’m losing time because of your carelessness. I’ve never had trouble with phones from Groupon. Don’t put a “certified refurbished “ ticket in boxes if you have not tested the product personally. I’ve never been so mad. I love amazon but you can probably guess you won’t be receiving $13 a month from me anymore.
The man I spoke to last night barely spoke English, didn’t are about customer service, but um hi, without us customers y’all would not be getting paid. You should consider treating us better with care and products that work.

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