Alcatel Ideal Xcite 4G LTE Unlocked 5044R 5 inch 8GB Usa Latin & Caribbean Bands Android 7.0 IdealXcite

GREAT DESIGN High polished frame with micro textured back and engraved power key for eye catching look and ease of use. Slim and compact design with microSD card slot for memory expansion. SHOWCASE YOUR PERSONALITY Use the wide angle selfie camera to capture your fun side and with the one-click collage creator, you’ll have all your friends liking your snaps. CRISP DISPLAY Crisp 5-inch display with full lamination for better visibility and sensitivity ALL THE ELEMENTS YOU NEED Includes Battery Saver mode, Camera Quick Launch, and Gesture Controls – simply double tap the screen to turn it on and off. CAMERA Rear Megapixels: 5 MP Flash (Type): LED Angle: L/R/U/D: 65/65/60/50 Rear Camera Video: 720P @ 30fps Video Codec: vp8,xvid,divx, H.264 (streaming) & H.265(Download) Front Camera: 2MP (no flash)

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Customer Reviews

AT&T basically has total control with all their apps…..

by anderson (

Purchased this phone on the 15/6/18, got it on the 21/6/18….Nice! However it was advertised as unlocked, to be used in the Caribbean, SD card expandable memory. Upon receiving it I sadly found out that there are dozens of AT&T apps an others that were useless to me an occupied almost all the space on the phone….Additionally the SD card was not able to work in the phone so every time the apps updated the phone would tell you insufficient space….how sad….Please if u live in the Caribbean leave this phone alone. It’s affordable, light weight and attractive BUT not much u can do but answer and make calls. No apps can be added, also no headset comes with the phone….Nice phone but specifically design for the US an their Telephone providers….Even though it says unlocked……..

Phone doesn’t work properly. Got stuck

by Dj (

This product sucks. It was so slow playing games on it was like a no no. If you want it just for a phone to text and call then this is right for you. If you want to do internet stuff don’t bother

Great phone

by Nonye Opara (

An awesome phone for the price. Ordered and got it the same day free shipping. One of the best purchase I’ve made this year. Super awesome. Will buy again


by Joffre Vazquez (


Will never buy again

by Keri M. (

We ordered 2. First they came Day to late. Then both wouldn’t work with our SIM cards then we was setting them up and after 5 mins would keep shutting down battery was over heating…

Will never buy again… I would never tell anyone about this phone…

Five Stars

by Sheila (

It works great with Movistar in Venezuela

Great phone and value, but definitely not perfect

by Scott Atlas (

Great phone that runs fast and reliably… For a bit…
I’m not sure if this is something that’s my fault or what, but in the last month or two, the phone went from rivaling fairly high end phones, to lagging and game or app that is of decent quality. Not to mention it’s painfully low memory and storage, though somehow it never gave me an issue before when I would play pretty processor intensive games (like 3d naval warfare with each individual cannonball and smoke trail, and flag creases rendered, realistic lighting and shadows, ship wakes affecting small boats, slight cannonball innacuracy, ships leaning based on wind direction, even the ability to pause the game, and move the camera around alone to take crazy screenshots)
The $20 Alcatel One Touch Ideal i bought at Walmart a 2 years ago outperformed this in every way(until it got a virus and barely runs anymore). I only got this because it has a slightly better camera, and has the built in flashlight (Im also having difficulty rooting this one, while the other one I successfully did while having zero knowledge of rooting).
The camera isn’t really anything to brag about still, though it’s still decent enough for most general pictures so long as you dont zoom in.
Despite all that, it is in fact worth the money.

(Note: I looked up the Alcatel One Touch Ideal on Amazon and it’s being sold for $60 here for some reason)

Wish I could put 0 stars

by ProGamer (

First off phone was full of bloatware that you cannot uninstall normally. As a result it always ran out of storage since the large apps could not be removed. Came with about 1gb of free space, and after uninstalling as many apps as possible had around 2gb only. Also a very very slow phone, honestly a galaxy s3 would still be faster. After 2 months the phone refused to boot up (showed a penguin flashing on the screen everytime I tried to turn it on) and would not allow me to enter the factory reset screen. One day later (today) the phone wont turn on at all. Light blinks when plugged in but no boot. Was hoping it would be decent for the price but look elsewhere, this is the worst phone I have ever had. Well done alcatel wont be buying another one of your products.

Soruce : //

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